Professor J.V. Petrocelli’s recent research highlighted in public and professional press

by on March 26, 2018


As noted by the Wall Street Journal (March 19th:  See BS meter copied above)

In the digital age, misinformation—from nonsense to lies—spreads faster than ever and is becoming an area of serious research

Understanding the causes and consequences of B.S. is a recent theme in recent research conducted by  John V. Petrocelli, Ph.D., Scott Family Faculty Associate Professor of Psychology., and this work is recently highlighted in both academic and popular press.

You can read his scientific research on this topic: The Antecedents of Bullshitting, (in press) in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology ….   AND recently discussed in….March 19th, The Wall Street Journal: “Fine tune your BS detector: You’ll need it”


Professor Petrocelli recently chaired a SPSP symposium: “Bullshitting:Empirical and Experiential Examinations on Pervasive Social Behavior” (2018 meeting of the Society of Social & Personality Psychology, Atlanta, GA).   In this symposium, Dr. Petrocelli explained that:


Bullshitting involves communicating with little to no regard for evidence

or truth. Very little is known, empirically, about this seemingly pervasive

social behavior. This symposium demonstrates the value of understanding

bullshitting by examining its antecedents and consequences, when people

are receptive and sensitive to it, and conditions under which people identify

it for what it is.   JVP,


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