Our new Assistant Teaching Professor: Dr. Melissa Masicampo

by on September 10, 2017

We are happy to welcome Dr. Melissa Masicampo in her new role as a full time Assistant Teaching Professor in the Psychology Department!

  Did you know that …….Dr. Masicampo studied psychology at the University of Massachusetts at Boston, where she was first introduced to the field of biopsychology. After graduating with a B.A., she moved to Tallahassee, Florida to earn her PhD in neuroscience from Florida State University. In graduate school, Dr. Masicampo examined the role of sensory input to the developing auditory system in early post-hatch chicks. It was also during graduate school that Dr. Masicampo got her first taste of teaching, both in the classroom and in running community outreach events.

Following graduate school, Dr. Masicampo moved to Winston-Salem to do her postdoctoral research at Wake Forest Baptist Health. There she tested a novel therapeutic to combat alcohol withdrawal seizures. Also during this time, Dr. Masicampo became an adjunct faculty member in the Psychology Department at Wake Forest University. After serving as Visiting Faculty at WFU for two years, Dr. Masicampo is now a full time teaching professor in the Psychology Department. Dr. Masicampo enjoys spending time with family, vegetarian cooking, hiking with her dog, and horseback riding.

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