Mason Garrison

Email:  garrissm at

Mason Garrison, Asst. Professor of Psychology
Wake Forest University

Asst. Professor of Psychology
(336) 758-4824
Greene Hall 438

Research Interests & Relevant Publications

  • Rodgers, J. L., Garrison, S. M., O’Keefe, P., W., Bard, D., Hunter, M., & Beasley (in press). Responding to a 100-year-old challenge from Fisher: A biometrical analysis of adult height in the NLSY data using only cousin pairs. Behavior Genetics.


  • Garrison, S. M., & Rodgers, J. L. (2019). Decomposing the causes of the socioeconomic status-health gradient with biometrical modeling. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 116(6), 1030-1047.


  • The Psychological Science Accelerator Team (2018). The Psychological Science Accelerator: Advancing psychology through a distributed collaborative network. Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science, 1(4), 501-515.


  • Garrison, S. M. (2018). Popular structural equation modeling programs for behavior genetics. Structural Equation Modeling.


  • Garrison, S. M., Doane, M. J., & Elliott, M. (2018). Gay and lesbian experiences of discrimination, health, and well-being surrounding the presidential election. Social Psychological & Personality Science, 9(2), 131-142.


  • Jackson, J. J., Connolly, J. J., Garrison, S. M., Leveille, M. M., & Connolly, S. L. (2015). Your friends know how long you will live: A 75-year study of peer-rated personality traits. Psychological Science, 26(3), 335-340.


  • Garrison, S. M., & Rodgers, J. L. (2019, June). Uncovering the origins of age at first intercourse: Applications of an extended-family behavior genetic model. Take given at 2019 Biennial Association for Research in Personality Conference.


  • Garrison, S. M., O’Keefe, P., Hunter, M., Beasley, W., Bard, D. & Rodgers, J. L. (2018, June). AC’RE model: Estimating rearing effects without twins raised apart. Talk given at Behavior Genetics Annual Meeting.


  • Garrison, S. M., & Rodgers, J. L. (2016, September). Advances in discordant sibling designs from the NLSY, illustrated with SES and health. Talk given at Developmental Methods Annual Conference.


Curriculum Vitae


Mason Garrison CV (PDF)


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