Special Beacon Project Colloquium: “How do Moral Beacons Foster Community?”

The colloquium speakers and discussion panel.


Do moral beacons enable people to work across differences that exist across different communities (as moral beacons such as Martin Luther King Jr. did), or does the current climate mean that our silo-ed communities are doomed to have their own moral beacons? Can “moral beacons” foster positive societal change? Does a lack of moral beacons in contemporary society indicate deeper problems in our community? (From Beacon homepage, see:  http://www.moralbeacons.org/wfu-reading-groups/community/

These questions and more are some of the issues discussed at the Beacon Project special colloquium, April 17th & 18th   A notable panel of speakers included: Larissa MacFarquhar, staff writer at the New Yorker; Deo Niyizonkiza, Rwandan genocide survivor and protagonist of Tracy Kidder’s book “Strength in What Remains”; and Larry Walker, Professor of Psychology at University of British Columbia, Moral Psychology Research Knowledge Expert.


 Each speaker provided unique insights into the issues surrounding how the morally exceptional may play a positive role in fostering character and community development.


The event was sponsored by the Templeton Religion Trust Foundation, Rethinking Community and the Provost Office of WFU.

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