The Graduate Program

The Department of Psychology offers graduate work leading to a research-oriented general MA degree. The MA program at Wake Forest is appropriate for students who wish to pursue their education at the Ph.D. level but may not be sure of the area they are interested in as a specialization, wants more individual attention than is typically possible in large PhD programs, and/or want more background in psychology. It is typically the case that our graduate courses transfer to PhD programs, but of course we can’t guarantee this.

Well-prepared students who plan to continue to the PhD may wish to receive a broad training before the specialization required at the doctoral level. The Master’s program often gives them a better basis for selecting a PhD program as well as a stronger academic foundation for their doctoral work.

Students who wish to better prepare themselves for application to a PhD program will benefit from the Master’s program. The general MA program allows them to strengthen their backgrounds with a high degree of individual attention from graduate faculty (graduate student/faculty ratio is 2:1) before applying to PhD programs. The department has an excellent record of placing graduates in doctoral programs in all major areas of psychology.

The department adopts a mentorship model of graduate education in which students work closely with a faculty advisor during their two years in our program. Typically there is a 2:1 graduate studentfaculty ratio that provides the student with individualized attention and, therefore, superior training. Because our program is designed to prepare students for entry into doctoral programs, there is a strong emphasis on research. Students conduct both a first-year research project and a thesis. These projects typically result in conference presentations and/or publications.

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