Lisa Kiang

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Professor of Psychology
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Greene Hall 446

Research Interests & Relevant Publications

My research is in self and identity, family and social relationships, and culture. Major themes include:

(1) Relational approaches to self and identity: I am interested in how self-evaluations and social identifications vary across relationships (e.g., parents, same-ethnic peers, different-ethnic peers) and ultimately influence adjustment. I also examine how ethnic identity operates within the specific social context of the family.

(2) Protective influences in development: With a focus on youth from ethnic minority backgrounds, I am interested in uncovering ways to promote healthy well-being and more adaptive social relationships. Does cultural background or ethnic identification have a protective role in development? What are the precise mechanisms by which these positive effects occur (e.g., through a deeper sense of social belonging or purpose in life)?

In upcoming work, I plan to integrate biological, social, and cultural factors into an interdisciplinary framework to better understand how multiple processes interact in development.

Selected Publications:

  • Bhattacharjee, K., & Kiang, L. (in press). Autonomy in Asian American adolescents: Normative changes and associations with parent-child cohesion and adjustment.  Journal of Youth and Adolescence.  

  • Kiang, L., Folmar. S., & Gentry, K. (in press). “Untouchable”?  Social status, identity, and mental health among adolescents in Nepal. Journal of Adolescent Research.

  • Kiang, L.Broome, M., Chan, M., Stein, G. L., Gonzalez, L. M., & Supple, A. J. Foreigner objectification, English proficiency, and adjustment among youth and mothers from Latin American backgrounds. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology.  

  • Gusler, S., & Kiang, L. (in press).  Childhood peer victimization experiences and adult psychological adjustment: Examining race/ethnicity and race-related attributions.  Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

  • Kiang, L., Supple, A. J., & Stein, G. L. (in press). Latent profiles of discrimination and socialization predicting ethnic identity and well-being among Asian American adolescents.  Journal of Research on Adolescence.   

  • Kiang, L., & Ip, E. (2018). Longitudinal profiles of eudaimonic well-being in Asian American

    adolescents. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 24(1), 62-74.

    Kiang, L., & Witkow, M. R. (2018).  Identifying as American among adolescents from Asian backgrounds.  Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 47(1), 64-76.

Curriculum Vitae

Courses Taught

  • Developmental Psychology

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